Will Testosterone Products Increase My Libido?

It’s no secret that estrogen is the women’s sex hormone and that testosterone fuels men. What is little known is that women have testosterone surging through their bloodstream to aid in libido as well. While it still seems minute and insignificant compared to men’s levels of testosterone, women’s testosterone plays a large part in libido. For men, testosterone is wildly significant concerning sex drive as well. However, as we age, these hormone levels steeply drop off, and our libido can be left lacking in intensity. Thankfully, there are a few products out on the market and methods based around diet geared towards increasing testosterone for both men and women that can remedy the issue.

For men, the question of whether or not testosterone products will enhance their libido is a resounding yes. There are a number of products on the medical market that will surely put some oomph back into your testosterone levels. If you’re unsure of or uncomfortable with a hormone based treatment, there are even certain vitamin supplements that will push those testosterone levels up naturally. Some of these vitamins include vitamin D, which is found in foods such as tuna, eggs, and milk. Vitamin D supplements are also easily found in the wellness aisle at most grocery stores.

As for women, testosterone boosting products are at best risky to use. The supplements are typically aimed towards men, so even though the testosterone will fuel your libido, it will be accompanied by some undesirable side effects. The best trick is to simply stick to the aforementioned vitamin D in products such as tuna, eggs, and milk. Also, as mentioned before, vitamin D supplements are a viable option for naturally boosting testosterone, but vitamins and minerals absorb into the body more easily when found and eaten in foods.

There are some reputable testosterone products primarily aimed towards men that can be applied topically, are FDA approved, and work wonders for libido. In fact, you have most likely seen commercials for medications to boost testosterone, and oftentimes they are as easy as it is to apply deodorant. However, there are also a lot of shady supplements found in the body building community that often do more harm than good. Stray away from those supplements, as they can cause shifts in mood and health abnormalities.

Concerning women and their sexual wellness, testosterone is best found in vitamin D rich foods. Remember, too much testosterone can be problematic for women, and maintaining a healthy balance is key. Overdoing it can be horrid for your health, but a little bit can spice up your libido, especially if you’re experiencing a slump due to menopause, medication, or a recent childbirth. Overall, the question of whether testosterone will increase your libido in theory is yes. However, whether to take measures into your own hands to put it into practice is a maybe. Consult your doctor to find what type of treatment is optimal for you, and perhaps life in the bedroom will develop in positive ways.