Tips About Alcohol When Experiencing A Loss Of Libido

When menopause has got you down and seems almost insurmountable, sometimes a much needed women’s night out seems to be the answer. Usually this involves a cocktail…or three. Be mindful when you take your next sip, though; while a small amount of alcohol can help you release inhibitions and even increase libido, too much can lead to disaster. Knowing when to stop will help you to dust off your sex drive and have a romantic, special time with your partner.

Most lovers are under the impression that champagne is the answer to a loss of libido during menopause. Sure, champagne is a sweet gesture, but try swapping out that glass of bubbly for red wine. Red wine contains antioxidants, specifically polyphenols, that will not only kick start your sex drive, but also help out with natural lubrication when the time comes. It has also been theorized that red wine’s ability of increasing blood flow can help with arousal and desire. These tricks help with anyone, not just women in menopause, so if your partner is younger, encourage them to indulge alongside you.

The next time your partner opens a bottle of wine, remember that moderation is important. The phrase ‘a little bit goes a long way’ rings true in this scenario. While a glass gives you that much needed boost of liquid courage, drinking to excess can actually hinder libido for both men and women alike. This is due to alcohol’s tendency to affect the production of sex hormones, which are essential to any good lovemaking session. Overall, too much alcohol can make it harder to orgasm and decrease lubrication, which are amplified by menopause regardless. The primary goal is to make menopausal symptoms less pronounced, not more so.

Not only does going overboard with alcohol equal problems in the bedroom, but it can also worsen some classic negative symptoms of menopause. For some women, hot flashes and night sweats can increase with consumption of alcohol, and this certainly can lower confidence in women attempting to get in the mood. Confidence in the bedroom can oftentimes be the sexiest trait in women, just as a lack of confidence can hold you back and make you feel uncomfortable no matter how close you are with your partner. Once again, drinking to excess can be a menopausal woman’s demise. Since alcohol is a depressant, it’s all too easy to feel sleepy after a night of heavy drinking. Drowsiness can leave you feeling like a nap is in order rather than a romp around the bedroom. Keep this in mind the next time you wish to spend intimate time with your partner.

Remember: alcohol, especially red wine, in moderation can do wonders for a menopausal libido. However, it’s equally important to know when to draw the line with your consumption. Downing a bottle of whiskey, for example, will do nothing to improve the situation. Follow these tips for success in the bedroom and you could possibly enjoy the most satisfactory time of your menopausal life!