Setting The Mood To Boost Your Libido During Menopause

The correct atmosphere is key to any situation, so why not consider this when delving into an expedition in the bedroom? Just like one wouldn’t host a dinner party with TV dinners and harsh lighting, there are a few do’s and dont’s when it comes to menopause and your sex life. Menopause may cause a decline in libido, but tweaking a few aspects of your normal sexual routine will definitely allow you to enjoy your time in the bedroom more as well as allow your partner to have some fun too. Following a few tips and tricks will surely help you make bounds and strides towards setting the correct mood in the bedroom.

Taking a bath beforehand not only mentally relaxes you, but does wonders for physical relaxation too. Warm bathwater helps soothe and calm muscles from head to toe in the body, which oftentimes makes for an easier orgasm. Confidence is paramount, so that fresh, clean, and pampered feeling experienced after a bath will allow you to truly shine for your partner as well as for yourself. Sometimes during menopause, it’s all too easy to feel frumpy and unappealing. As mentioned before, confidence will assist you in being more adventurous and more prone to climax.

A simple solution is to purchase new undergarments, from sheer nighties to lace barrettes, to help you feel like a goddess. Don’t feel pressured to stick to conventionally sexy outfits if it doesn’t make you feel comfortable; the pieces should be tailored to your version of sensuality. If cheeky hip huggers support your self-esteem, by all means, wear them with pride!

Alcohol in the bedroom is complicated because it is both a do and a don’t. Enjoying a glass of quality wine serves as wonderful social lubrication and a touch of liquid confidence, but chronic usage and large amounts do not do anyone justice, especially those with menopause. It has been proven that long term alcohol usage can exacerbate menopausal symptoms. The whole objective is to diminish these symptoms, so why make it worse? Ultimately, however, a cocktail can set up a truly provocative night.

Trying out different scents and essential oils to boost libido is a completely feasible trick to jump start anyone’s libido, especially during menopause. The sense of smell strongly correlates with memory, so perhaps an old smell that relates to your lover can flood the brain with what it was once like to possess a high powered libido. The scent could be anything, such as an old cologne that your partner wears, or the bouquet of roses they won you over with years ago during the courtship phase.

Coincidentally, the smell of roses is a natural aphrodisiac! Whatever the smell you choose, set the ambiance with a hint of scent and feel yourself slipping into the mood. There are plenty of small and easy changes that one can make to set the mood, but ultimately, whatever brings you confidence will aid you in vanquishing loss of libido and releasing your inhibitions.