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It is a pity that women today are suffering from many problems due to the immense pressure of being a woman in a modern society. They are expected to give equal time to their career as well as family. Of course, this is necessary to live a happy life. But sometimes, there is negative change in hormones and this result in disturbance in health. With time, even the sex is rare or not at all. There are issues in a marriage when there are sexual problems. Slowly, the idea that the woman is not sexual enough or the partner is not romantic enough takes place. This leads to inception of problems in a relationship. As we know, men need sexual activities so that they can be romantic and the opposite is true for women. As long as both are doing what they are supposed to do, the other person is happy. 

However, as soon as one is not doing what they are supposed to do, the other person feels detached. If this happens for a long time, the relationship can take a serious toll. One starts to feel unsatisfied and can ultimately result in divorce. It is very important to treat this problem immediately so that it doesn't turn out to be harmful for a relationship. 

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Products   Vigorelle HerSolution Gel Female RX Oil Valentra Female RX Plus
Orgasm Quality Excellent Excellent Good Average Average
Orgasm Frequency Excellent Excellent Good Average Average
Ingredients Superior Excellent Good Average Average
Company Reputation  Excellent Excellent Good Average Average
Customer Support Excellent Excellent Good Poor Poor
Testimonials Doctor Doctor No No No
Order Discretion Very Good Good Good Average Average
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Rated #1 - Vigorelle

The Vigorelle is a female enlargement cream that is meant to enhance sexual enjoyment and pleasure in females. It is aimed to work as a lubricant to eliminate vaginal dryness in women as well. It has been manufactured by Leading Edge Health that is well-known company in the natural supplement industry. Vigorelle provides simple and safe means to boost sexual pleasure and sexual response. 

The product is truly a smooth and natural way to enhance your sexual enjoyment and to achieve orgasm quickly and more often. The fact is that Vigorelle is an excellent product for those females to improve the sex drive who are unable to take pills.

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Rated #2  - HerSolution Gel

The HerSolution Gel has been manufactured by Leading Edge Health. It is an organization known for producing combination of productive supplements for general health and for both males and females. The product is unique because it has been endorsed by many specialists and the users. In fact it is has natural and effective ingredients and less expensive. 

You will find plenty of supplements that promise to improve your sex life, yet HerSolution Gel provides quality satisfaction and best results.

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Rated #3 - Female RX Oil

The Female RX Oil is a soft and gentle sexual lubricant. It is designed to enhance sexual arousal and pleasure in women. Its formula is meant to augment orgasmic and sensitivity intensity quickly after it gets applied. Being a topical lubricant, it has to be applied to the clitoris. The oil needs to be smoothly massaged on the area in slow, methodical manner. This results in optimal stimulation. It is recommended that the male partner should massaged the oil to boost the effect.

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Rated #4 Valentra

Made from natural ingredients, Valentra is smooth and silky topical cream. It has to be directly applied to the mucous membrane that lies below the clitoris. After application, the active and gentle ingredients in the product will maximize the sexual pleasure within seconds. 

Moreover, it will increase your blood circulation, reduce stress and facilitates lubrication. The ingredients present in Valentra include wild yam, Damiana leaf, Aloe Vera, ginseng, peppermint leaf, and several naturally-derived herbs. They have been formulated in a way that they are allergen-free. They get absorbed quickly through the skin for optimal sexual stimulation.

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Rated #5 Female RX Plus

The Female RX Plus is an average product. It does not result in potency even though it contains ingredients found in similar products in its category. We believe that the major worry is that it is not strong enough to produce desired results. It has a liquid-based formula for women. 

Females tend to have sexual health issues either due to age, illness or other factors. The Female RX Plus can be purchased from different online retailers. It comes with 90 days of money-back guarantee. Not much is known about the manufacturer. 

Still, you can read many customer experience stories and FAQ's that are available online. In fact, you can read the instructions on how to apply the product as well. 

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