Five Vitamins And Minerals For Female Loss Of Libido

Vitamins and minerals are undoubtedly important for our health, but what about our sexual wellness? No one can deny that libido plays a part in our well-being and happiness, so let’s make steps towards keeping a hearty appetite. Loss of libido can especially become an issue for women for various reasons, be it from menopause to birth control or even while taking antidepressants. Whatever the cause may be, five essential vitamins and minerals can help you get your groove back.

Iron, which is important to women’s health for a whole cluster of reasons, will perk up your interest in sex. It hits all the major points and stages that a pleasurable experience requires, too. Desire will be rekindled, and arousal will become easier to achieve. As all women know, lubrication is essential to prevent painful sex, and you guessed it: iron helps with this issue as well. Finally, iron assists in the ability to experience climax, which will always remain the keystone of a good sexual experience. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, though; too much iron can rustle up stomach issues and even higher dosages can be life threatening. Overall though, iron is a slam dunk when it comes to libido trouble.

If your decreased libido is marked by lethargy, there is a quick, healthy fix for just that issue. B vitamins are widely known for the energy and upbeat demeanor that they supply. Lack of B vitamins in your diet can leave you sluggish with no sexual desire. Commonly found in animal products such as chicken, eggs, and dairy, vitamin B12 is easily replenished. However, there are a whole cluster of B vitamins to worry about, so if you suspect that you’re not getting your fill, a supplement could be the quick fix.

Vitamin E solves the problem of vaginal dryness with ease and finesse. While the application seems unconventional, it helps tremendously. One tip that women swear by is purchasing the vitamin E capsules and applying it to the vagina a few times a week. Not only will the vagina stay lubricated, but sensation will be multiplied.

To enjoy your sexual escapades, you must first feel confident and healthy. Vitamin C does just that. Not only does this vitamin ward off disease, but also improves your general mood to keep you perky and excited about the prospect of sex. This vitamin gets flushed out of your system every day, so it’s important to continue to supplement it accordingly. A simple glass of orange juice will help keep your levels up.

Believe it or not, zinc can help you in bed just as well. Zinc is often found in aphrodisiacs, or foods that increase libido, such as oysters. Zinc raises testosterone levels. You may find yourself wondering: isn’t that for men? Fear not, women also produce trace amounts of testosterone. Testosterone helps sex drive flourish, leaving you with an insatiable sexual appetite.

We all know that it can be difficult to fit these vitamins and minerals into your eating routine, but pill supplements for these libido boosters can easily be found in a local co-op or even a store dedicated to selling supplements. Make a trip out of it and browse the aisles with your partner, feeling assured that you and your sex drive will repair itself.