Exercises To Increase Libido

In the busy, hectic, and undoubtedly stressful world that we live in nowadays, two important components of a happy, meaningful lifestyle seem to be missing: a good strenuous workout and a healthy libido. What if you could accomplish both at the same time? Fortunately, that idea can be a possibility. There are many exercises out there that kill the two proverbial birds with one stone, from the widely known kegels to unexpected ones like simple strength training. These small tips and tricks will not only keep your body toned, but will also kick-start your libido in all the right ways.

Kegels usually conjure visions of older women attempting to prevent incontinence, but they have another secret up their sleeve. Kegels also help to deliver a more powerful orgasm. The exercise is simple: repeatedly squeeze and tighten up what doctors refer to as the pelvic floor. This can easily be done nearly anywhere, from leisurely lying in bed to the daily morning commute in your car. Strengthening the pelvic floor equals a more natural sexual energy and therefore a more powerful libido. Overall, kegels are a easy victory for both your sex drive and your partner.

The old knowledge that men have a stronger sex drive than women can actually give us some clues as to how to increase libido. The reason men have a higher libido than women can be attributed to their ever-present testosterone. What’s little known, however, is that women produce testosterone too, just in smaller quantity. An effective way to increase testosterone in women involves simple strength training. Lifting heavier weights with less repetition remains the most effective way to jumpstart your testosterone levels, but this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and splurge on expensive weight sets! Try using hefty soup cans or gallon jugs of water as weights in your own home if you’re not quite ready to debut your work out body at the gym. Step outside for a walk!

Plain old cardio can help boost your libido by reducing that nasty little stress hormone called cortisol. When you’re stress free, your mind clears itself up for more important things, such as work, or in your case, satisfying, sensual time with your partner. Cardio may seem intimidating, and going on a lengthy run isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but there are still less strenuous methods to squeeze in that cardio. Take a leisurely bike ride. It is non-weight bearing, which means your joints won’t ache afterwards. Better yet, inject some romance into it by making it a date with your partner.

Tandem bikes were made for a reason! A final word of advice is to simply have sex. Arguably the most fun exercise out there, sex itself will spark the desire to have more sex. Deviate from the norm and try out a few different positions from what you’re used to and find that old passion that was once so up-front and present in your early twenties. Getting back on the metaphorical horse with your partner only intensifies your cravings more and more each time, and your bodies, freshly toned from exercise, will be more attractive than ever. Happy lovemaking!