FEMALE Female Libido Enhancer Reviews - Climestra

Are you constantly embarrassed by discussion of your sexual life? Have you lied to avoid this embarrassment?

When asked about lack of sexual desire, women responded in the following ways:

I hardly intense sex anymore

Did you say orgasm? What’s that!?

If you are also one of these women, don’t worry anymore. You can have all the excitement and fun back in your sexual life with the help of Clemestra. It is a product tested and recommended by doctors.

Lack of sexual desire: a common problem in present time

A majority of woman today are suffering from very low libido. The pleasure they get from sex has disappeared and they are losing interest in sex altogether.

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The following are the reasons behind this problem:

Depression and stress

Women nowadays live a more complicated and stressful life when compared to their previous generation counterparts. Work, family and even daily life is becoming more and more challenging and difficult. As a result, women are losing sex drive all over the world.

Natural reasons

Natural causes such as menstruation and pregnancy can have an adverse effect on women’s sexual lives.

No working out

Women are living a more stressful life leading to little or no exercise at all. This leads to sexual health issues in women.

Synthetically made estrogens

Products containing artificial estrogens are very harmful for one’s sex life. These synthetic estrogens are available in cosmetics, medicines and contraceptive pills. A large amount of these products for a long duration can have a really negative effect on women’s body. Many women are inadvertently consuming artificial estrogens.

Improper nutrition

Intake of a healthy meal has become a rare luxury today. Most of the women are dependent on junk food and that is resulting in declining sexual health. Lack of nutrition will take a toll on your body sooner or later.

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Perks of using Climestra

Some awesome features of this product are:

  • Your partner will find it easier to penetrate as Cllimestra reduces vaginal dryness. Hence, giving you an orgasm you have always desired.

  • The sensation in sexual body parts intensifies.

  • Your body will react faster to sexual climax.

  • Finally, it will make your sexual encounters more energetic.

Get the orgasm you always wanted with the help of superb organic element combination of Climestra.

Does Climestra works?

Climestra gets the 5th position on our list as it works for the improvement in sexual desire. After using it for a considerable time, women reported good results. A lot of women experienced results in just 3-4 weeks. This is one of the bottom three products according to many review sites. While Climestra is a fine product, we recommend you to use the top 2 female enhancers for the best possible results. 

What are the main features of Climestra?

It is possible you have known about this product from your friends and co-workers. Climestra is a famous female enhancement product around the globe. It is well-respected for enhancing sexual health of women. Climestra tries to evaluate the reasons behind sex-related problems. Women lose interest in sex because of depression, anxiety, lack of orgasm, et cetera.

A Climestra capsule contains the mixture of amazing natural ingredients. These pills are convenient and user-friendly.

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How quick is the working of Nymphomax?

A few of the women using this product have experienced the results in just a week. Clemestra also helps in better sexual desire, more frequent fantasies about sex, natural lubrication, faster sexual arousal, and increased sensitivity in genital region. A majority of women took almost 30 days for the desired results. This could happen because of physical imbalance due to stressful lifestyle, improper diet, hormones and irregular exercise. Continuous use of Clemestra leads to:

  • Periods become more regular, less cramping and lighter
  • It decreases chances of hot flashes
  • Provides you with abundance of energy
  • Treating mood swings and irritability
  • More enjoyable and intense orgasms than ever before

Pros and cons of Climestra


  • 67 days money refund policy.

  • 100% organic elements used.

  • It enhances one’s sexual life as well as sexual performance.

  • Improved sexual stamina and enhanced sexual life.

  • More desire to do sex than ever before.

  • Frequent amount of sexual life.

  • Better and faster sexual arousal along with intense sensations.

  • Improved vaginal lubrication.

  • Enhanced, energized and more frequent orgasms.

  • It results in regular periods and makes cramps less painful than before.

  • Decreases vaginal dryness.


  • You won’t be entitled to offers and discounts even after bulk purchasing.

  • Only online purchase is offered.

What are some of the benefits of using this female enhancer?

  • Most of the ingredients of these pills contain aphrodisiac properties effective in improving sexual desire.
  • Experience a new found excitement during different levels of sexual intercourse along with foreplay.
  • Vaginal dryness is treated making the penetration simpler for your partner. You will get the most excellent orgasms.
  • Achieve the most pleasurable multiple orgasms in a consistent manner.
  • Ingredients used in female enhancement products are known to reduce symptoms of menopause as well as PMS.

Final word

Climestra can be pretty useful when it comes to female enhancement. For that reason, it is one of the most popular products in the market. It contains some of the best natural ingredients to improve one’s overall sexual health.

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