Acupuncture To Treat Your Menopausal Loss Of Libido

Let’s face the facts: menopause is not a particularly glamorous subject. However, every woman looks this biological milestone directly in the eyes in their lives, so why not discuss it? Menopause makes its presence known at around age 50. Not only does Aunt Flo start tapering off her visits during this time, but the ubiquitous term ‘hot flash’ starts to be thrown around too. Dig a little deeper, and one will find that hormones are dramatically affected by menopause as well, especially the queen of endocrinological queens: estrogen. However, when it comes down to it, a woman (as well as her partner) both know full well that menopause practically throws libido, also known as sex drive, out of the window.

This is where acupuncture steps in to help. An ancient Chinese practice, acupuncture involves placing tiny needles just into the skin at certain pressure points to redirect energy in the body and correct imbalances. This energy is known as QI. Practitioners of acupuncture also employ herbs to aid the process. These imbalances can be identified in major organs, and this therapy is designed to target specific underlying issues related to them. While Eastern medicine hasn’t been extensively study due to a previous lack of interest in mainstream society, more than often people tend to experience favourable results. Two other positive benefits of acupuncture include its relative inexpensiveness and considerable lack of side effects.

So where does sex drive come into play? Since sexual wellness is largely perceived as a part of a general wellbeing, acupuncture strives to make advances in improving libido through the methods detailed above. In fact, Chinese Emperors regularly consulted their acupuncture based medical teams for all issues concerning the bedroom. This, however, doesn’t limit sexual health to just men! Women experiencing menopause can easily take advantage of this alternative medicine to assist them in enjoying a healthier libido. Oftentimes the culprit in low libido has a direct correlation with the energy in one’s heart and kidney systems. Once these problems are treated, low libido and that accompanying nasty vaginal dryness that are all too familiar to women experiencing menopause can easily be reversed.

All women deserve the right to enjoy a nice romp around the bedroom, but if you’re not in the mood, it can all seem a tiny bit pointless. Ultimately, acupuncture is a quick fix to this lack of interest that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t involve a trip to the conventional doctor’s office that so often ends up in oodles of pills to consume on a rigid schedule. It can even be a relaxing experience despite the unpleasant poking sensation; acupuncture clinics usually play soothing music and strive to make the patient as comfortable as possible. Acupuncture could easily be the solution to the loss of libido due to menopause that an unreasonable amount of women have to suffer through. So don’t delay one more second and take advantage of this one way ticket to pleasure in the bedroom for both you and your partner.