Myths Exposed On Sex After Menopause

You might have come across many women who keep complaining about menopause and how this has upset their sexual relationships with their partners. Menopause is a difficult phase in a woman's life since she might have to undergo various hormonal changes that can even cause mood swings, depression and other mental effects. Menopause stages do not really mean that you cannot enjoy your sex life. In this article we will break some myths on sex after menopause.

Myths Exposed on Menopause

Women generally feel unwanted when they experience menopause. They might feel that they will not be able to enjoy sex since they might experience low libido levels. Well here is news for you. During menopause, women might experience some hormonal changes due to lack of estrogens in the body. Having regular sex can help to keep the vagina strong and healthy since it might help to improve the blood flow to the tissues.

Another common myth on menopause is that women might not experience orgasms. This is so not true. There are lot of women out there who are still able to achieve orgasm, though their partners might need to try a bit harder compared to when they were young. Women who experience low self esteem might need the love and care of their loved ones on a regular basis.

Men might be able to offer their love and support during sex by indulging in a little bit of kissing and foreplay. Secondly women might even experience pain while having sexual intercourse. This is a common issue since the loss of estrogens in the body might cause thinning in the vaginal walls. You might need to consult a doctor if you suffer from such issues.

Benefits of Sex after Menopause

There are a lot of benefits that older couples can enjoy. One of the greatest advantages is that there is no fear of pregnancies. This does not mean that you do not take the necessary precautions such as use of condoms. This might save you from STD's.

In addition to this, you and your partner need not have to indulge in quick sex for the fear of children coming back from school or waking up in the middle of the night. By this stage, your children might have grown up or settled down with spouses of their own.

Lubricants are a good way to increase sexual pleasures. Women generally experience vaginal dryness which sometimes makes sex a painful experience. Using such lubricants can help in promoting vasodilation in women.

Using Vibrators for Sexual Pleasures

If you and your partner love to experiment or are the adventurous type of couples, then using sex toys such as vibrators can also help improve your sex life. You might come across many types and size of vibrators in any online stores.

These sex toys will not only help you to achieve multiple orgasms, but you can even use these during role playing or kinky sex. Bear in mind to talk it out with your partner so that they are comfortable in indulging in such type of sex.