8 Foods To Boost Libido During Menopause

There’s no doubt about it: menopause can leave libido left for dead. Fortunately, you can keep a few tips and tricks related to diet in your repertoire that can perk up your appetite for sex. Aphrodisiacs, or foods that boost sex drive, contain certain nutrients that do just that and are not only easily accessible but also are tasty treats. One of the most commonly known aphrodisiacs out there, oysters raise testosterone levels to keep the bedroom appealing. This is due to their zinc content. While oysters do not come cheap and their texture can be unappealing to some, if you enjoy this slippery delicacy, try going out to a reputable seafood restaurant with your partner for a romantic evening with a happy ending.

Coastal living sure has its perks! Asparagus also lends a helping hand to the cause with its abundance of beta carotene and various vitamins. Delicious on the grill, try preparing them for a romantic outdoor cookout. Known to raise the amount of oxygen flowing to the genital area, asparagus will certainly contribute to the cause.

Everyone loves guacamole, and when it comes to sex drive, guacamole will love you back! With the main ingredient of avocados boasting a particularly high potassium content, they will leave you feeling frisky even in the doldrums of menopause. Some people prefer to add a kick of garlic to their guacamole too, packing an even powerful punch with its nutrients known to get the blood flowing in the right direction. We’ve discussed the benefits of potassium, so ask yourself: which food is notorious for its high potassium content? You guessed it. Bananas are chock-full, and will keep you voracious in bed despite menopause’s best efforts to decrease one’s libido. Throw a banana in your morning routine by putting it in a smoothie or just eating it plain. One of the benefits of eating a banana in the morning is that your libido is boosted during the day, making for a pleasant afternoon delight.

Finally, menopausal women around the world have an excuse to eat chocolate! Don’t feel guilty for nibbling on this scrumptious pleasure anymore; chocolate contains a special chemical that has a knack for making hearts melt. As always, dark chocolate is the healthier option, containing plenty of antioxidants as well. Love Italian food? Here is just another reason to treat yourself to a night at your favourite Italian restaurant. Oregano will give you a second wind while lovemaking during menopause. Liberally sprinkle it in sauces, pastas, pizzas, and soups. The combinations are endless, especially when paired with the aforementioned garlic for serious flavor. Mama mia, that’s a spicy meatball!

We’ve all been told that a healthy diet creates a healthy you, and it’s no different for your sexual health. Just because you’re experiencing menopause, you do not have to be sexually unavailable towards your partner. These aphrodisiacs will supplement your desire and soon enough, you will feel as if you’re in your early twenties again sexually voracious as ever.