Knowing Facts About Sex Addiction Can Help Not Being A Victim

You might have come across the word ‘sex addiction' many times in your life. You might have heard in from friends, colleagues or read about this condition in magazines or journals. In doing so, have you even spent half a minute divulging on the fact that what exactly is this condition and what triggers this in people. In this article we will mostly talk about sex addiction and how can one overcome this condition.

What Is Sex Addiction

First and foremost we need to know what exactly sex addiction is before we go into the causes or diagnosis of this condition. Sex addiction can be described as a progressive intimacy disorder, where the person is addicted to all forms of sexual activities. Like any other addiction, this addiction might also have a negative impact on the addict and their family members.

Sexual addiction does not only involve physical intimacy. It can also include making obscene phone calls, constant use of computer or phone sex services and many more. If things get out of hand, due to lack of treatment, it can even lead the addict to commit crimes such as rapes, molestation etc.

Causes of Sex Addiction and Its Effects on Relationships

The causes of sex addiction might vary from person to person. Many people might use sex addiction to overcome feelings of anxiety or depression. This works in a similar fashion to drug abuse or alcohol consumption.

Some people might use sexual activity to derive pleasure or use this as a stress buster from work pressures or problems in relationships. Sex addiction can lead to divorces and can even ruin families. There is also a high chance of acquiring STD's because of multiple partners which in turn can leads to sexual issues and problems.

Difference between Sex Addiction and Infidelity

Sex addiction and infidelity is not one and the same. There is a lot of difference. Sex addicts are not capable to controlling their sexual urges and sometimes might not actually receive the kick from sex.

In the case of people indulging in infidelity, they might limit themselves to one affair, whereas sexual addicts can have about two to three affairs simultaneously. Sexual addicts feel no guilt, shame or remorse over their actions.

How can Sex Addiction Be Diagnosed

The best way to seek treatment for sex addiction is through consulting doctors. They will first try to diagnose the root cause of this condition by conducting in depth interviews and might even use special assessment instruments to determine whether an individual is a an sexual addict.

Sex addiction is completely treatable provided the addicts have the love and support of their family and loved ones. Depending on the extent of the condition in the patient, doctors might recommend certain medications or ask the patient to join any individual or group therapy classes.

If you know of someone who is suffering from this condition, then you might be able to help them overcome the addiction by directing them to a good doctor. You might come across a lot of information on online forums or websites that tell you how to help such addicts and provide them the necessary support.