Add Spice To Your Sex Life With Exhilarating Sex Positions

In today's modern world, many of us do not find the energy to spend quality time with our partners. Even if your partner understands, they might sometimes feel neglected and this can often lead to conflicts and issues in personal relationships. In such situations, it is always better to come up with innovative ways to bring your sexual life back on track. One way is by trying out new sex positions.

Importance of Sex Positions

When we keep doing the same old routine work, it gets boring and monotonous after sometime. You might start working half heartedly and might miss out of the challenge of new jobs. The same rule applies for monotonous sex. Trying out the same old missionary position might become boring and you might not get interested in sex after sometime.

Secondly trying out new sex positions helps to achieve maximum sexual pleasures as some positions can help in providing multiple orgasms to you and your partner. Gathering information on useful sex positions is easy since the internet is flooded with a lot of articles or blogs explaining different positions, their uses and how it can help your sex life.

Another major reason to try out different sex positions is that it might help to increase the chances of conception in couples. Yes, you heard it right. There are certain sex positions that can help the sperm to penetrate the egg, leading to pregnancy in women.

Different Sex Positions

If you love being creative, then you might want to try out these wonderful sex positions with your partner and notice their reaction towards sex. Did you know that pillows can add to sexual pleasures? Yes, stack some pillows at the headboards and ask your partner to bend over them. If you are a man, then you might need to embrace your partner and penetrate her from behind. The end result, you get to feel her smooth skin and she gets to experience the soft and fluffy feel of the pillow.

You might even like the cross legged style position. As the name itself suggests, men need to sit cross legged and women need to face them with their legs wrapped along their waist. This helps in deeper penetration and also helps women experience mind blowing orgasms.

You might even try out the doggy style where men can enter the women from behind. If you have already tried out this position in bed, then you can indulge in different variations of the same such as women bending over furniture, or shower sex can also add to the sexual pleasure.

Sex Positions Can Resolve Premature Ejaculation Issues

Premature ejaculations are a common problem in men. This can be quite embarrassing for men and might even leave them feeling depressed. Here is where trying out different sexual positions might work. Techniques like kegeling can be put to good use while enjoying sex. All men might need to do is squeeze their pelvic muscles so that they can be able to control their erections for longer periods.