Role Play Of Woman's Cycles And Hormones In Her Sexual Desire

If you as a guy is questing for better and more sex with your partner, you have to be a smart observer. Understand her body, her behavior, and her desire to enjoy a close intimacy with her. It has been proved that the hormones disorder are one of the primary problems that causes low libido whether in men or women. A meticulous study shows that women's cycle actually affects her libido. It's the ovulation time when the sexual desire and libido of women increases because of the change in hormones and they willingly want to get involved in love making.

Ovulation: the time she is ready

It is the ovulation period, when she is more likely to accept your proposal by saying yes. Ovulation, following the menstrual cycle is the period when a woman is fertile. As she produce eggs for the fertilization, her body requires sperm to get those eggs fertilized and hence body produces hormones that increases her desire of copulation. Its those hormones which are driving her wild and crazy for sex to get pregnant.

Mind game!

As a man, you can wait until she get into the period of ovulation for more pleasure and better sex. She doesn't need any vibrator, instead she want the feeling of warm body to calm her down. She looks for deep penetration desperately, during ovulation. This is the time when she can stair at you or can give you a linger look. The best observers know that she requires him to get involved in active sex.

If you are pondering that how to avoid messy period blood, then you can use sea sponge. You can get a sea sponge tampon from any drug store featuring feminine hygiene section. Almost every drug store has a feminine section where they offer different products for females including different brand tampons. Follow the instructions on the pack to use the sponge.

Birth control pills

Understanding the contribution of birth control pills in a female libido is important. Most of over the counter birth control pills prevent ovulation. No ovulation means no hormonal changes. Hence, if the female has a low libido, the situation doesn't changes if she takes birth control pills and she continues to have a low libido in the absence of hormones.

This is very important and you should understand how pills work. It can have devastating effects on sexual life if your wife is taking birth control pills. Although you can use progesterone but this is not a reliable way you can enhance her libido. As a husband you can talk to her and let her understand how dangerous a birth control pill can be to destroy her libido.

Perfect guide

As a guy, you know when a girl can crave for sex and when she can't resist her desire and behaviors by lingering at you. Your partner might not behave the way its described but more of the females will. You have to be intuitive enough to sense those different behaviors keeping in mind that she is ready to make you crazy. Use your knowledge and intuition to get most out of her for better sex and more fun.