Foods That You Can Eat To Revive Your Hunger For Making Love

If your love life is missing the zeal and the spark you used to experience once and nothing seems working to boost up the lost power, a list of foods can fuel your sexual desire with ease. These below listed foods will boost your libido to give you the desired pleasure you are looking for, naturally without any side effects.


Enhance your energy level with improved hunger for lovemaking by eating bananas regularly. Have few in your breakfast and see the difference. The delicious fruit increases your libido as they contain bromelain enzyme, also find in pineapples. Bananas also contain vitamin B and potassium, which can increase the energy level and sexual hunger significantly.

Strawberries, peaches, and mangoes are perfect stimulant that helps in increasing sexual desire. To feel the spark in your desire, you can have some peach, strawberries and mango during the sex.

Folic acid also helps the human body to produce more energy. The tree of avocado actually known as Testical Tree. The name is given just because the shape of the fruit is identical to human testical. Interestingly, not only the fruits look like the testical, they help in boosting the fertility and the desire of love making. These amazing fruits contain potassium and vitamin B6, both enhance libido.

Vegetables and herbs:

Sexual desire can be stimulated by consumption of Celery, an herb that contains androstenol and androsterone. You can eat this herb raw just before the sex to stir-up your sexual desire. Celery is high-fiber and low-calorie food that you can chew as much you like regularly, spicing up your sexual life. Another stimulant that increase sex hormones and desire in both the genders is Asparagus.

Raw oysters contain zinc and the consumption of zinc increase testosterone production and sperm. The consumption of Oysters also helps increasing libido. Garlic is an excellent herb that increases libido by increasing sexual organ's blood flow. Raw garlic can stink but instead you can use garlic capsules. Beside garlic, fig can be also consumed for stimulate the desire. Fig juice contains amino acids that can enhance libido.

If you don't look hot to your partner, start eating hot. Don't be amazed, because chili peppers can surprisingly boost your sexual desire, because they contain Capsaicin. You can mix few of them in your dish to tweak your nerves and start feeling the hunger.

Nuts and dry fruits:

Pine nuts and almonds contain zinc vitamin E, respectively. Both can increase the male potential to last long in the bedroom with enhanced power and desire. Just consume a few combined with salad to feel the zeal.

How to spice up your sexual life is something very few people hone of. Reduce sexual pleasure can cause relationship problems. While market full of medicines and health supplements that claim as sexual desire enhancers, but few of them really works. Why use those expensive products whereas you can get the same sexual desire and power by consuming fruits, veggies, herbs and dry fruits without any side effects.