If You Fell You Have Lost The Charm In Your Sex Life

Besides the love, trust, and understanding you both share, an exciting and spicy sex life too is indispensably needed in your relationship. You can't expect that charm, freshness, and joy in your relationship, unless your sex life is full of fun and it's on the rocks.

As a matter of fact, in most of the cases couples do get bored of their sex lives when they have been in a monogamous relationship. No wonder, there have always been numerous cases of break ups, divorces etc. Needless to mention, nobody in a serious relationship would ever want it to end and loose his/her better half. However, what they lack in is a little idea about ways to spice up, and rejuvenate their sex lives.

Experiment, Try New Things Whenever You Want

It's needless to ask you about the sex style-position that your prefer most of the times, in-fact every time. Your obvious answer would be the missionary position, right? Yes, it's always expected form you guys, as if somebody has compelled you to be stuck with few common positions.

C'mon what's wrong in trying new positions? There are numerous of those. Just give those a try, experiment, and soon you might come across a couple of those which you both may find more pleasurable and ecstatic than ever.

Besides, experimenting also include changing the venues of making love. Why to be restricted to your bedroom only? No matter what time of the day it is, no matter whether you both are in the kitchen or your bathroom, whenever you feel like doing it, just go for it.

More Foreplay More Fun and Yes Include the Sex Toys Too

It's been a long time, you both have been in a relationship, and sharing those intimate moments together. Even then, if you haven't been much into foreplays and experimenting, chances are high that there are still few ‘switches' on your bodies that you both haven't discovered yet.

Hence, it's always advisable to spend more time in foreplays. Try involving your tongue, fingers, and lips, for rediscovering other sensitive zones on each other's bodies. It might be surprising for you to feel the sensations on your inner thighs, earlobes, your neck, and many more of those less known zones.

What about sex toys and accessories? Have you ever tried those? These can furnish your lovemaking experience with new flavors of excitements. For beginners, simple vibrators, cock ring, handcuffs, blindfolds etc. can do wonders.

Communicate, Guide, and Appreciate

Effective communication is one of the strongest pillars for a happy and contented sex life. You do whatever you THINK is pleasurable to your partner. Have you ever asked him/her that whatever you are doing is actually pleasurable for him/ her or not?

You need to convey each other, these things. Let your partner know when he is right, and when he is on the wrong way. Guide him/her for what he/she needs to do, to please you.

Finally, when your partner does it well, you also need to appreciate his/her effort, and also return the favor.