If You Don't Want Him To Lose Interest In You

You tried sexy outfits, started doing things he likes, and have been trying all possible ways to grab his attention in the bedroom. Yes, those worked, but not to the extent that you wanted. He still isn't that crazy about you, sad but true. Now, if that is making you depressed and if you actually want him to be crazy about your charms, then you need to try few effective tips.

Love Yourself and He Well Love You Even More

They said it right that if you don't love yourself you can never love someone else, whole heartedly. Love yourself, and that is the most effective way to receive all those waves of love from his heart. You will then be able to love him even more, and there will be the same effect on his side too.

No doubt, even if you don't love yourself, he will love you. Yet, your relationship would be far more stable and healthier, if you do. Just try to figure it out what makes you less confident. Is it your physique, or anything else that you are concerned about? Try working on those, and try overcoming those. Besides, if you have been a bit shy by nature, then you need to push your boundaries. Try doing new things, and prefer doing those independently. It's all about making yourself worthier in your own perception.

C'mon Get a Life

Like it or not, but if you are too available for anyone, he gradually won't only start taking you for granted but it would also make you less significant in his life. Hence, it's always advisable to get a life of your own. Get engaged with something, apart from your daily scheduled work and responsibilities. It doesn't matter it can be as simple thing as an extra class, or you may even get into something of your interest like a social activity.

It won't only keep you more engaged and happy, but at the end of the day you will also have more things to discuss and to talk about. Hey, is that his call? How about telling him that you are busy reading some important stuff on the internet, and you will see him later?

Let Him Know You Love Him

Not like you are madly and blatantly in love with him. However, you also needn't hide all your emotions, and try to be in limits of showing your love to him. Let him feel loved and desirable.

Touch him unexpectedly while talking to him, give him a light kiss at the most unexpected situations, hold his arms, lean on his shoulders, etc. Be crazy sometimes, ask him to take you in his arms, and be the couple that everyone would look at with a smile.

It's true that you both love each other unconditionally, and wish to spend your whole life together. Yet, you need to retain the charm and interest in each other. Well that is really not difficult, when you follow these effective tips.