How About Trying A New Sex Position Tonight

It's great that couples these days have started experimenting new things and trying new positions in the bedroom. Indeed, it's one of the most effective ways to retain the charm, excitements, and fun in your sex life and hence in your relationship. Hence, you may go on, try everything you can, let your instinct guide you, and flavor your sex life.

There already are innumerable ways and style-positions to try for making love. Besides that, every next day people come up with new ones, most of which are actually worth giving a try. Yet, it's always best to follow your instinct, and to try those innovative moves. However, if you are lacking some new ideas to try tonight, you may go for any one of these.

While He Is On A Chair

It might have always excited both of you, when you try to straddle him and lower yourself onto his firm erection. However, doing this on the bed has always been quite tough, isn't it? Hence, to ease it a bit, and to make it even more exciting, s-experts advice couples to try this on a chair.

The technique is the same, but with the only difference that he needs to sit on a chair facing forward. Now, when he is in the position, you may straddle him, while your feet are on the floor. Then on, you need to start lowering yourself slowly onto his firm erection with your bending knees. You take the control, you dominate, and of course he loves that the most. It seems you don't need any further suggestions. Do You?

Let Your Body Stretch with an Elongated Angle

This has always been one of the most effective techniques for letting his tool get a very snug fit into your tightened vagina. Sounds fun, right?

Hence, if you can't resist giving it a try, all you need to do right now is to just lie on the comfortable bed, but on your stomach. Now, spread out both of your legs. Yes, that's it.

Now it's his turn. Let him kneel between both of your legs, and then lift you by your hips, so that he can enter you. There comes the best aspect, about this particular technique. Your whole body, and most significantly your vagina is completely stretched up and tightened. That furnishes a very snug fit to his warrior which would be pleasurable and exciting for both of you. For more fun, you may also introduce a vibrator in the ‘game'.

How About The Wheelbarrow Position

Once you are a little experienced with the last technique, you may give a try to the wheelbarrow position for an incredible ecstasy. While he is inside you that way, you may ask him to hold your legs. You need to rest your forearms or hands on the floor. That's it.

It can be really erotic for both of you. However, at the same time, this position can also be really exhausting. Hence, it's always advisable to try this position only for few minutes.