He might not complain - But It's Really Not Fair To Do These To Him In The Bedroom

Careless they are. They aren't usually that understating and selfless. Men, they usually have these traits, which you women don't like about them, and so is reflected even when they are in the bedroom. Hence, it's quite normal to say that men usually commit few mistakes in the bedroom.

They might turn to their side and sleep, just after having an orgasm, without bothering about you much. They mightn't be that gentle and soft with their touch, their stimulations etc. They might also fail to understand what you actually are looking for, and a lot more of those can be added to this list of complaints against men.

However, have you ever give it a thought that you women too can be wrong in some of your ways, in the bedroom. Possibly, you might have also been committing few mistakes in the bedroom that you aren't yet aware of.

You Think He Can Perform Anytime You Demand

No, it's a misconception. Most men of course can give you that impression of possessing a switch with an instant ‘on' for sex. However, in reality, alike you women men can also be not in the mood at times, they might also be tired, frustrated or stressed. It's wrong to expect that they can perform anytime and anywhere you wish them to, and that they have only been waiting for any positive signal from you women.

Men have also their own preferences, choices of timings, and interests in the context of making love. Like, he mightn't wish to have sex after a touch hectic schedule all day long. Similarly, he might show less interest in making love during the days of your periods.

You Can Always Enjoy Sessions Of Making Love, Being Passive

Women usually have a misconception that they can always enjoy sex, being a passive participant. He is the ‘man', so he needs to take the initiatives, the control, and he is solely responsible for the pleasure that both of the partners achieve.

Truly, you women have always been wrong and unfair to your men in this context at least. C'mon at times, they also want you to initiate things, they also wish to be seduced, and they also wish you to take the controls. They have always been doing these, isn't that fair enough that they can expect the favors in return sometimes.

Why Do You Think He Is A Mind Reader?

C'mon when will you women learn to open up, to express and to convey what's actually on your mind? Besides, why are you expecting your man to know that, is he a mind reader?

God knows you do it knowingly or unknowingly, but it's really not that fair to expect from your man that he will automatically know what you are looking for.

Let him know what you actually like to receive and what not, in the bedroom. You need to guide him clearly and gently about the ways to please you, and to turn your switches on, isn't it?

You need to work on these aspects at least.