Enhance Your Pleasure And Be Safe While Riding Him

It's quite common to feel a little awkward when you are on his top. Women usually feel so, even after they have been riding their men for long. The way you bounce back off, and you make the movements, can make you a bit uncomfortable in yourself. To add to that, it might also be too tiring for you to do it.

On the other side, your man of course loves it. He finds each and every of your posture and movement sexier. Anyways, that's not the point of concern. The problem is, when you are on his top, things can get a little difficult for you specially. Besides, chances are also that you might be lost in your own rhythm, and your man might feel that he is not the part of the game.

Hence, there can be few issues, few concerns that you need to deal with, while you are riding him. The only way to do that is by being a little precautious with few aspects, and to have an idea about how this experience can be made more pleasurable for both of you.

Hey Girl! Don't Be That Fast

Or else you will not only ruin the fun, but you would also be tired. When you sit on him, all you are in control of is your excitement. Hence, you just bounce off him, pound on him, grind circles, all with a passion and in a fast rapid movement. It's ok to be passionate, but did you have an idea that things won't be pleasurable this way?

Rhythm and synchronized movements are quite indispensable as far as having sex is concerned. You already are on his top, and when you move that aggressively, it makes all the more difficult for your partner lying down to keep up with that. Hence, he feels like he is left out. You don't want that, right? Hence, let it be slow, rhythmic, and of course synchronized too. Besides, while riding him muscles of your legs are actively involved. Hence, to give those a rest you may at times rest your hands over his chest.

Change Motions And Positions

Yes, his tool is firm now, but that doesn't mean it can handle anything and everything. When you are on top, with most of the positions, there is a lot of weight that rest all around your man's member.

Now, just think about that poor, sensitive, and boneless tool. Aren't you being unfair to it this way, and don't you think it might get fractured? Hence, to be on the safer side, and for more pleasure, every now and then you need to change your motions and positions.

Know His Signs And You Both Can Even Have Orgasm Together

Yes, it's the best thing about riding him, mutual orgasm. All you need to be concerned about for that is to read his signs, like if he grabs you all of a sudden then you need to lower your pace and let him get back his ejaculation. Similarly, you both many communicate effectively then.