Don't Let Your Sex Life Get Boring

At some point or the other, couples usually realize that their sex life is no more interesting. Every-time the same event, the same things, and the same way make it monotonous and boring. Gradually, the situation worsens even more, and the frequency of having sex starts declining. Earlier you were passionate enough to make-love every next day, and slowly it reduces to once a week or even a month.

What's wrong, and whose mistake has led to this? No clue? Well, actually it is nobody's mistake. All you can do is to retain its charm, rejuvenate and flavor it with excitement all over again by following a few effective tips.

How About A Quickie At Times?

It's true that s-experts have always advised couples to relax and take ample time for having sex. After-all, you can only enjoy sex, when you give the dedicated sufficient time to it. However, if you always start spending hours to make the session last long, it won't be that interesting and fun for long.

For a change, you need to involve in exciting quickies at times. Those impulses of momentary ecstasy with quickies are fun to have, now and then. You need to know that it's not only the different experience of a quickie, but also the change from ‘regular-sex' that matters. Above all, the most significant factor that matters is, quickies will soon make you crave for longer sex. That's what you wanted, right?

Experiment with Everything

Be it the style-position of making love, the venue, or the time of the day to do that, you need to try the new ones. This will undoubtedly retain the spark and excitement in your sex life.

People usually prefer the missionary position, and soon they get used to it. Hence, every time, couples wish to make love, one of them will simply lie above the other. That needs a change. What's wrong with trying new positions? There are a lot of them to try.

Again, your bedroom has always been the only place to make love. Does it need to be? It's great surprising each other, like while taking showers in the bathroom, while cooking food in the kitchen, etc. Besides, you also need to be flexible with the time of the day to make love. It needn't be always in the night, when you are tired and exhausted. Try doing it in the afternoon, when you are full of energy and stamina. You will love it.

Be Concerned about Your Partner's Pleasure Equally

Mutual orgasm is the most effective way to achieve the ecstasy of lovemaking. It's a selfish thing, and it would never let you experience the ecstasy of mutual orgasm, if you are always concerned about only your pleasure in the bedroom.

Communicate, and let your partner know whether he/she needs to be slow, if you are on the verge of climax. Try sharing your feelings, and your pleasure, and soon you will achieve what you have always wished to.