Be The Rider In Your Bedroom And He Would Simply Love It

Of the few things that men love the most in the bedroom, his partner taking the charge, is above all. No man would deny that. Anyways, did you know that?

For men, it's understood that most of you women love to be dominated, while having sex. You like him to take all the control, and the charge. Yet, you might be jealous of those women, who like to be in the driver's seat in the bedroom, as men love them more. Hence, if you too wish to be like those women, and to take the control and charge in the bedroom, you may follow few effective tips.

He Won't Mind Even If the Wild ‘You' Tear His Clothes

As of now, you have always revealed your shy nature, you decent attitude, and your submissive nature to him. However, he would always love to see the other side of yours in the bedroom.

Be wild, be crazy, and be slutty in the bedroom, for that would take his excitements and joy high on the scales. As soon as it starts, you may show a little of your wild side by undressing him fast. Treat his clothes as the only barrier between his naked body and yours, and so just remove it as fast as you can. To your surprise, he won't even mind it if his clothes are torn in the process. He would in-fact like it.

You like His Body Hair, Right? Use It to Take The Control

Needless to mention, most of you women love and are crazy about the hair of your guy. Be it the hair on his head or on his body, you love to touch it, play with it, and move your hand in it. Even he loves it, when you show your interest and love to his hair. However, did you know that you can easily use it to guide him in the bedroom?

S-experts have always advised you women to guide your men in the bedroom. What can be a better way to guide him, and to tell him whether he is on the right way or not, than by using his hair for the same. Just grab some of his mighty mane, whenever he is in action. Yes, grab it hard, show your excitements, when he is doing exactly what you want.

Please Yourself Let Him Be an Impatient Audience

Guys are visual creatures, it's no news. They love watching porn, dirty pictures, strip dance shows, and everything that you women can offer to excite, tantalize, and please them. Hence, if you have been planning some exciting surprises for him in the bedroom tonight, then you may add some visual pleasures to that.

He would love to see you get naked in front of him with all the confidence, a strip show. To add up to his excitements you may also masturbate, using some sex toys. While that itself will be a great surprise for him, but to add some more flavors you may also include dirty talks and screams to it.