Again You Turned Him Off – Did You Even Realize That

Not only the new girls, even the experienced ones at times do things in bedroom that no man would ever like. May be out of unawareness, or it might also be because he has never reacted to such acts of yours, you keep on committing those mistakes again and again. However, if you actually want not to turn-off your partner, in-fact not to irritate him in the bedroom, you need to know about few common bedroom blunders that you might have been committing.

And You Are Blank Again

It's ok, and its tolerable for the first few times, when you aren't comfortable enough to answer him what you want him to do to you. However, a blank face every-time, as a response to that, isn't really likeable. You draw a blank, feel lost, and ask him to do whatever he likes. This not only would make him feel under pressure of taking control and perform, but it might also reveal that you aren't much interested in the session.

Why to do that? C'mon, let him know what you like, guide him, show your interest, and enjoy everything. In-case, if you actually are lacking an idea about what would make you feel good, it's time to know yourself, and discover things you like. As per the experts' advice, masturbation and self-pleasing can be really effective ways for that.

Why Are You Faking It?

For you women, the only way to get rid of those ineffective but hard attempts by your man, to make you orgasm, is to fake it. Wow! What an easy way you have been using. However, do you have an idea about the issues it can create?

The worst aspect is he would never come to know the way to make you orgasm. Besides, alike most men he will soon figure it out that you are actually faking it. You know, men usually are quite good detectives in such contexts. Just imagine the way he would feel, and the kind of feeling he would have for you, the day he knows the fact. Hence, it's better to stop faking it.

Don't Just Laugh Like This

Believe it or not, but most men would find it offensive if you suddenly break into laughter or even snigger in the bedroom.

To you, it might be ok to laugh, to have fun while making love. Indeed, it's always advised to keep the environment easy and full of fun then. However, when your man is trying his best moves, then you needn't laugh.

There are two reasons for that. Firstly, most men think that their performance can be enhanced, and so your laughter might actually add some valid point to that. Besides, it's no news that most men have always been dissatisfied with their genital size. They wish it to be more. Again, your laughter might actually mean ‘something' then.

Hence, you needn't ever laugh, when he is completely focused on furnishing you with some pleasure, in the bedroom. It can be a turn-off for him.