Ladies Try These Techniques For Achieving Orgasms

Men love women who ride over them on top. She feels on the top of the world when she makes love to you by hopping over you. Have you wondered why? She enjoys the full control of the flow, whenever she is on top of you. You don't have to make much effort here, as she will adjust the angle so as to enjoy deeper penetration. Of course you guys enjoy being on top all time, but allow her to be boss on bed.

This article will help you to know the different ways to achieve orgasms –


After years of marriage, couples ignore the relevance of foreplay, which is surely not right. For all those who desire to achieve orgasm foreplay is something that they cannot afford to ignore. She is down there tickling and playing with your asset and exciting you erotically. The point is what you have done to return back her favor.

Insert your finger into her clitoris from different positions, as it will excite her. Such a thing will not only relax her, but emotionally get you connected to her. Pamper this sensitive area with lots of kisses and fingering and turn her on. She feels more relaxed and aroused when you play with her super sensitive area. Increase the sped and intensity, if she wants more.

Women Masturbate to Achieve Orgasms:

What can be better than finding yourself the things that excite you? Those who masturbate know their sensitive areas that excite them to core. Many of them achieve orgasms through masturbation. So find if you are one of them? As any act, begin slowly and then increase the speed that will amuse you. You women can begin by feeling your breast and then slowly move your finger down there.

There is lots of fun in slowly stimulating your body, as it results into great orgasms. It is the better way to learn what exactly excites your body or you enjoy the most. Once you excel this art, you can achieve final climax even when you are on top of him.

Use the CAT Method;

CAT most commonly used as coital agreement technique is the best way to satisfy your sexual desires. It is a missionary method where your partner is on top, in such a way that his chest is much close to your shoulder, which is different than the usual one where he is completely over you. This is a magical position, where his penis can directly stimulate your clitoris. So next time, where you both are into the act, ensure that you adjust the position in such a way that you not only enjoy deeper penetration, but get directly stimulate your G-spot or clitoris.

Why Not Use Sex Toys:

Why not add more fun and excitement to the game of love, by including sex toys. It not gives you enough time to recover your lost energy, but assures her orgasms. Sometimes even after trying everything, orgasms seems to be a distinct dream. In this case include lots of sex toys as it will help you in satisfying her.