Know The Secret Sex Zones Of Your Partner

Foreplay is an important thing that cannot be ignored at all. It excites women and helps them to reach orgasms. Men on the other hand, reach orgasm through simple sexual activities like penetration. They also love foreplay and blowjob, as it relaxes them and charges them. It is very essential, for taking the sexual experience to the next level.

You can learn the art of exciting your partner by playing and pampering his sensitive part. He will certainly reward for you for your efforts. With such moves you can drive him crazy and make him beg more for it.

Following are the most sensitive parts of men:

The Prostate Gland:

It is commonly known as the male g-spot. It is as sensitive as a vagina is for women. It is possible through anal canal or when it is pressed on the perineum. This is an area between his scrotum and anus. You can stimulate this part and sometimes give him orgasm. Men love orgasm through prostate gland and is considered to be quite powerful. Sex toy can be the best option. Don't forget to use enough lube.

The Cremaster Muscle:

This muscle is one that draws the testicles in when he is too very cold and relaxes whenever he is comfortable and warmed up. This area can be stimulated, whenever you are giving him a blowjob or maybe a hand job. Check on his reaction and ensure that he is enjoying the act as much as you are. Stop the act immediately if he isn't comfortable or it causes him pain.

His Anus:

His anus is packed with nervous system and gives him immense pleasure, whenever you play with it. Not all of them are comfortable with anal play and they don't prefer to try them. Before you go ahead with the play ensure that he is fine and is prepared for the act. Begin by rubbing or brushing your fingers there and then intensify the movement.


His earlobes are other sensitive areas that can stimulate their excitement. So next time whenever you are charged start gently kissing its tips. It will instantly charge him for an excitement act. Your tongue can create wonders her, so use it tactfully. It makes wild with madness and he cannot hold back his excitement. He will certainly want you to do the same thing with his penis.

His Testicles:

Seam or line in a man's scrotum, is one that separates his two testicles from each other. This sensitive part easily gets stimulated when touched, licked, or caressed. Not many women know about this secret. Don't miss this area whenever you are giving him a blowjob. You can lick up and down this line, while gripping his testicles and the base of his penis.


It is one of the powerful places where men experience great pleasure and excitement. It is not difficult to find this F-spot. You can have a look at the same tip of the penis, where its head meets the base. It looks similar to V shape and you can excite him by flicking it.