I Am A Girl - Can I Still Ejaculate Like Men Do?

Like men, even women ejaculate, but many of them fail to realize it. When it happens for the first time, they are surprised and don't know how to react to it. Well it's a fact and there is nothing to be scared about. Don't panic if you get out of a wet bed sheet, you have just squirted.

Did you pee before Sex?

During ejaculation you expel fluid that is thinner than urine and in rare cases it can be watery. The best way to check is by peeing before sex as it will help you to differentiate between urine and ejaculation. It might be difficult initially, to tell the exact cause of the issue. If your lovemaking session was longer than the usual one, then there is a possibility that your might dispose such fluid.

You normally ejaculate approximately 20 minutes after indulging into sexual activities and not in the beginning. Once you have peed your body is not capable of urinating again within such short notice, unless you drink gallons of water. The best thing to do would be to reduce the water consumption few hours before having sex. When you get on with it, urinate and check if it is squirting orgasm.

It can happen anytime:

She need not ejaculate during sex, as the fluid can be released anytime. It mainly happens due to involuntary muscular contractions, which happens after indulging into sex. Sometimes in the middle of sex you might feel like peeing. It is an indication that you are ejaculation. The other way to find this out is by flexing your muscles and forcing the ejaculation or fluid out.

Those who don't experience such things don't have to worry as no fluid flows out. So they are not aware of this act at all. Sometimes you might see few drops of fluid flowing out during orgasm all by itself. Sometimes you might see a cup full of fluid flowing out during ejaculation.

It is Odorless:

Unlike urine this fluid doesn't smell at all. If it is odorless then for sure it is ejaculation fluid and not urine. However your urine is odorless, when you drink gallons of water every day. The interesting act is that this fluid comes out of the urethra and it has a mixture of urine. It I it has light urine odor don't worry, there is nothing to be worried about. In fact you should be proud o yourself as you have just ejaculated, may be for the first time ever.

G-Spot Stimulated:

Female ejaculation can be achieved when her sensitive part, which is the G-spot, is stimulated. The stimulation has to be firm, rather very firm only then she will achieve it. A light tickling or sensitive massage wouldn't do anything good. If your partner is into lots o foreplay, then there are chances that you might experience ejaculation. Orgasm achieved during squirting is quite intense and tremendous.