First Time Sex Tips For Enjoying Healthy Intimacy

First time sex is quite thrilling and exciting. It is a good way of discovering many things that you have only heard about until now. Both girls and boys are equally excited and scared to indulge into the act. Girls are under the notation that the first time sex is quite painful and so they are fearful. In fact there are many myths that they both have heard from different sources, which might be incorrect.

Don't let the fear of pain overpower your excitement of first time experience. The moment is special so you might think about thoroughly enjoying it. You should be proud that you are entering into adulthood and you are sharing your passion and body with someone for the 1st time.

However you need to take care of few things that are related to your health. It is necessary that you are aware of the precaution that needs to be taken when you both are in bed with each other.

Some of the important tips for first time sex are as follows-

Insist on Using a Condom:

There are chances that you both are virgin or may be only you are. Irrespective of the situation, you have to be very careful when it comes to enjoying intimacy. He is sure that you are safe and, as you never had any boyfriends in past. Whatever the reason might be, why would both of you risk to do so. It is always good to ask him to use a condom, as it will save you from any unwanted health related complications in future.

Safe sex is always recommended, no matter what. Unwanted pregnancy is one of the biggest concerns and you certainly wouldnt want that to happen to you. Moreover you don't know about his partners with whom he had physical relationship. Accidents are always possible, despite of the fact that you took enough care. You can carry a condom along with yourself, just in case he forgets to buy one.

Rinse the area with Warm Water:

For some, first time sex can be a bit painful or can cause irritation. With experience, you can surely overcome such things. Such irritation is mainly caused due to intense foreplay, as you might not be enough lubricated. It is thus recommended that you rinse the area with clean and warm water, after sex.

It will clean any wounds and will help them to heal quickly. As the area is clean now, you can continue with the play again. Water acts like a good lubricant and will minimize the irritation that is mainly caused during this time.

Achieving Organism:

After first time sex, your area might become sore and cause you a bit skin irritation. Because you didn't reach orgasm the first time, it's natural that you certainly might want to go or the second round. You want another session for a simple reason that you were too tensed and scared, during your first penetration.

Clitoral orgasm is the best thing to experience and you can surely go ahead with it, provided you are confident about it. Don't concentrate on deeper penetration, instead ask him to caresses the outer part of your vagina.