Does Your Husband Only Want Oral Sex After The Birth Of A Baby

Ups and down in a relationship is quite natural and normal, unless it becomes too very serious. The same goes with intimacy, when both men and women are not on the same terms. This can lead to differences between them and impact their relationship as well. Even after years of togetherness, you both might not be comfortable in talking about certain things that you don't like about each other on bed.

Sometimes they are sexually parted because of new addition into the family. Your wife is too busy talking care of the baby and doesn't have enough time for you. On the other hand, men are not happy about their partner's newly acquired size. There are many other things that impact their sexual life.

Many times men lose their interest in having sex with their partner, after giving birth to a baby. Women fail to understand the reason and end up pending endless nights looking to solve this issue.

It can be quite frustrating for a woman, when her husband is only expecting oral sex from her. He is not bothered about satisfying your sexual needs and prefers not to get into the traditional intimacy. No doubt such a problem is quite annoying and can let down her confidence level as well.

Instead of dwelling with this problem it is recommended that you try to find the actual issue of the issue. Finding the reason can be time consuming, but it is the only effective way to find a solution to your issue.

Baby is additional Member into the Family:

Even men are possessive about her and they find it difficult to cope with the situation where she spends her maximum time taking care of their child. At times, he wants to share with her sometime important, and find that she is busy somewhere else. He too misses those olden days, where sex was easy and can be performed any time.

With the addition to the family, things change and she hardly get time to spend with him, forget about quality time. He needs time to adjust with the new situation and responsibility. If you had a vaginal birth then there are chances that it might look slightly different. In this case, don't force him rather take care of his emotional needs, which is also important.

Talk it with Each other:

Whenever you are in such a situation, make it a point that you approach him with a positive attitude and talk to him. Before you do so, ensure that he is in a good mood, as he will definitely not understand anything when he is freaked out. Don't just talk it out ensure that he understands your point there.

Listen to what he has to say and accept the mistake, in case you have committed one, maybe unintentional. Don't panic if you both don't arrive to a resolution. Things can be easily sorted, when you both are calm and confident of solving the issue.