An Understanding On Apprehensions And Uncertainties Faced By Sexual Virgins

You need to be very confident and excited to have sex with your partner. Don't try it, even if there is a small doubt in your mind. It is quite important that you are also involved in this act and your decision matters a lot. Do not force yourself into the act, just for the sake of your partner.

Make decision carefully

As young and vibrant individual you don't take much time to make decision, however not all o them can be right. You need to be careful and thoughtful, while doing so. Of course you don't want to repent anything at the later stage of your life. First time sex is always remarkable and memorable and you don't forget it for years together. So don't choose a wrong person.

Be honest and ask yourself if you really want to do this and are this decision influenced by your partner. There is no reason for you to have sex, if you do not want to.

Do not give in to illusions

Most teens are under the illusion that having sex with their partner is necessary to improve their relationship. They just want their partner to feel better and important. Many are scared of saying no as they don't want to annoy their partner. It might take them away from you, which is something that you don't want. Let go of your insecurities and make a matured decision about this excitement.

Respect your decision and your body. Understand the needs of your body, and only if you are, physically and emotionally ready for the act, then step forward. If your partner is putting pressure on you, then rethink about it and move ahead in your life. You will definitely come across the right person, who will not only love you for who you are, but will also respect the decisions that you take.

Consequence on not being ready emotionally

Being ready to lose your virginity emotionally is an important factor. If you are not ready for sex emotionally then it would create a lot of complications in your life. You can take the example of a break up, which is quite a painful time in everyone's life. If you have a break up with your girlfriend or your boyfriend right after having sex, it would cause you more pain than the break up happening without sex.

When you are having sex, it not only brings physical pleasure, but also attaches the partner emotionally. This is the reason, why it is necessary for you to be ready emotionally. Make sure that the first time you have sex he or she is the one you want to lose your virginity.

Sexual education

It is advisable that you should educate yourself before being sexually active with your partner. You might think that you do not need to know anything, as the information you have is enough. However, this is not so, you should not only know about the precaution taken during sex, but also about the disease that might be transmitted sexually, but also about the emergency pill and about the pills taken in the morning.