Reduced Sexual Desire In 20s

If you are in your 20s and are low on libido, then you could not be the only one. There are many women who feel the same way. Often men complain about putting in more efforts to kindle the sexual urge in their woman to enjoy some time in bed. Menopause is a long way to go, and it off course should not be the reason for experiencing low sexual drive.

Reasons for low sexual desire

According to psychologists, there are many reasons for this particular condition and some of them have been discussed below.

A bad first experience: An unsatisfactory early life intercourse may often lead to phobia. It could have been a forceful one or when you were just not ready yet. We all know that a woman never forgets such horrific encounters, and as a result, it affects their future physical relationships.

The other reason of having an unpleasant experience is that her man might have not been able to fulfill her desire. He may have bored her by not arousing or left her in pain. Also, he finished ejaculating before she could achieve her first time orgasm. All these things could have left her baffled and thus, she is not game for another one any sooner.

This does not only apply to those women who were sexually assaulted the first time. It also includes the ones who have had normal physical relationships with their partners, but aren't looking forward to anything interesting in it.

Most women who are in their 20s are quite occupied with several things like career, job hunting settling down, her looks, loans, etc, and sex is not their priority. It is not unusual if a woman sacrifice her some nights to build her career. When she is unemployed and not getting a satisfactory job, she starts focusing on her looks. It's the same when she feels deprived of a promotion in her company. She will do anything to look fit, and get her dream job, even if she has to dump her boyfriend for it.

It is not just her looks, but she would also want to look attractive in whatever she wears. She knows that her rate of metabolism is reducing and its time to hit the gym. She wants to impress her boss in every possible way to get what she wants. Any woman will not let her appearance or looks come in way of her career.

You being her partner need to be a little understanding and supportive in such times. She needs you both mentally and physically. If you think she is perfect in every way, then make her feel that way. Shower her with all your love and take charge of the situation. She could be preoccupied, but that does not mean her desires are dead. She needs you as much as you need her. Plan a romantic date and sway her off the feet with all your love. She will forget everything for once and drive you wild in bed.