Try Different things on Bed to help her Reach Orgasm

Climax might not be the main aim of couples, who are indulging into sex for the first time. They are too excited exploring the new ecstasy and excitement. As times passes, couples mainly concentrate on achieving orgasms. They try different things to excite each other on bed. Quite a few of them never target climax and don't make an effort towards it. If you not have been giving much importance to conquer this peak, then reconsider it, as it will spice your life.

Explore Maximum:

You know this area is quite sensitive and stimulates her, whenever touched. You might not be aware that fingering her vagina through various ways arouses her. Such a variation will spice your sexual life, as she will always be eager to know about your moves. Locate the G-spot, the magical place, which is located on the top vagina approximately 2 inches in. Let your fingers go deeper into the area, until it can go no further in.

When your feel your fingers can go no further deep, it indicates that you have reached the right destination. Apply proper technique and excite her by making different movement. Remember this particular area is quite small and sometimes tight, when compared to others. First insert one and then if possible two or more fingers inside this area. With more fingers you can easily apply the required pressure that is required to stimulate her.

Don't forget to Exert Pressure:

The best thing to do when you reach this area is make a come hither movement. While doing so, exert the right kind of pressure. Ensure she enjoys the act and stop the movement if it causes her pain. Her excitement and expression will let you know how much she is enjoying the show. You can increase the pressure, as and when required. If she is backing out, then it is wise to stop the act immediately. Don't push yourself to much hard, as you might be just hurting her. The intention is make the whole session pleasurable and not to scare her. Take the next step, after understanding her body language.

Add more Fun through Oral Sex:

Fingering isn't enough, she needs more. Create magic by moving your tongue in and erotic movements inside this area. You wet and sensitive tongue will make her screen in excitement, so don't let this opportunity go. Don't always target on giving her orgasms, but instead giving her maximum pleasure. She deserves it. No use of penetrating deep to give her orgasms, if she needs clitoris orgasms. Thus it is necessary to understand her needs, before you go ahead with anything on bed.

Use Lube to enhance your Performance:

Her special area is lubricated, but if you are planning for a longer play, then a lube is a must. You can try for a silicone lube as they don't get washed off soon. Water lubes are quite inexpensive and easy to apply and is available in chemist shops. Post applying this cream, you are confident that she will not experience any pain during foreplay.