Let Your Clothes Play Exciting Roles In Making Love – Did You Call Them An Obstacle

Did You? Well, even if you had, you would never again tag them as an obstacle or hurdle to sex. Once you know the ways, the techniques to use your wardrobe for the lusty action, you would always appreciate those for the purpose.

Does it mean, getting dressed up, and enacting roles to excite your man? Well not exactly, but even that has always been a great idea to add flavors of excitements in the bedroom.

Anyways, it's about using your clothes and your lingerie in exciting ways so as to build up a delicious sexual tension, sense of urgency, and to furnish him with some eliciting visual thrills. Remember, guys as visual creatures?

Using Clothes as Exciting Bondages

He has just returned back from him workplace, tired, and exhausted. While he is set to change his clothes, you may just rush into the room, and start the game. How about using his tie as blindfolds? By blocking his sight, you have heightened his other senses, and needless to say it can well build up his sexual tension. Men usually lack patience, and so this will drive them crazy with excitements.

Similarly, you may also use your bra to bind his ankles gently. Not only he would love to be in your control then, and to be dominated by you, but he would also appreciate this ‘right' use of your bra. Let him be blindfolded and his ankles tied up, and you may start your ‘game' then to please him.

Surprising Him with Some Oral Pleasure

While he is busy with his work or he is on a phone call, you may surprise him with sudden unexpected moves. Just go near him, casually, and unzip his pants. It would be better if you could make it slow and exciting, than just pulling his clothing all at once.

Then on, you may insert your hand, tease his tool inside, and gently take it out for some amazing orals pleasure. Its ok, to let only this part of his body be exposed. In-fact it would add up to his excitements when only his sexy part is exposed and you are ‘playing' with it.

Putting Off the Right Clothing at the Right Moment

Couples usually prefer taking all their clothes off, and then they actually start the session. However, if done properly, even this part can well contribute to the fun of making love, in-fact it can make it all the more exciting.

For an example, you don't need to remove his tee shirt when it's just the start. Wait for some sudden perfect moment like mid orgasm, and then you may just grab it somewhere around his chest, and then pull him close like revealing your wild side.

Again, you needn't take off your bra early. Let the session go on, let the fun continue, and when he is finally about to climax set your breasts free, making the pivotal point all the more ecstatic for him.