Tips To Get Your Love Session Going Without The Final Step

There could be times when you are not ready for sex. It could be due to your own personal reasons such as fear of getting pregnant or any STD. However, there are a few girls who indulge in sexual activities with their partners, so that they do not lose them or do not want to deprive them of physical pleasures. This is the last thing that you should do when in a committed relationship. Make sure that you are emotionally ready before taking the big step. There are a number of ways to make your boyfriend feel your love other than sex. Mentioned below are some of them:

Passionate kissing

Learn to kiss passionately. While kissing and nibbling his lower lip, you could use your tongue to feel his mouth. Slowly sucking his tongue could trigger immense pleasure. You could arouse him while gently rubbing your hands on the back of his neck, ears and through his hair. This will greatly stimulate him, as kissing is the first step to love making.

Touching different parts of the body

While you are kissing, explore each others body. Allow him to touch you and slowly fondle your breast. He will love to hear you moan, while he is touching and kissing you. This would also bring both of you closer.

While you are at it, hold his member and kiss and caress it. While you are sucking on to his lips, press his member lightly. This action can be done while sucking his tongue, and kissing his neck. This will arouse him completely, and he will love to be with you. The foreplay would be wild before he reaches orgasm.

Slowly moving downwards

Being soft and slow work wonders. Moving slow would also ensure that he would hear and feel every sound and stroke that is made by your tongue and your lips. While you move your head, downward gradually, make sure that you keep moving with the same rhythm. This soft and slow movement would be loved and enjoyed by your partner, and will help him to easily reach orgasm. Stroking him slowly while kissing will also give him immense pleasure.

Licking and sucking his member

Suck and lick his member, while you are stroking it. Make sure that you lick and suck his balls too, as this would bring immense pleasure to your partner. Let his moaning, be your guide, as this would tell you about the action that is enjoyed the most by him. Always, be conscious of the actions, which are making him moan the most, as this would help you to increase the tempo of the blow job you are giving him.

Application of these techniques will help in improving your foreplay. The best part is that, your man will completely enjoy being with you, and he will not look for alternative measures to release himself. He would definitely come to you every time he is feeling aroused.