5 Ways To Improve A Woman’s Libido

Your partner pulled out all the stops: roses, a nice dinner, and a movie. When it comes time to hop into bed though, you can’t just help but not feel in the mood. Unfortunately, this is common for most women, whether it be related to menopause, birth control, or antidepressants. The good news is that there do happen to be quick fixes and cures to alleviate the issue so that you and your partner can finally enjoy each other’s company without that nagging low sex drive.

It may seem cheesy, but chocolate covered strawberries stimulate the libido beyond just being a romantic gesture. Both the chocolate and the strawberries contribute in separate ways for a delicious pairing. Chocolate acts as an aphrodisiac, or a food that raises libido, whereas the strawberries are a very sensual food to eat. This is largely due to their juiciness and the fact that eating them involves using your lips, which are a major erogenous zone.

If a woman is suffering from low libido due to her birth control, she doesn’t have to ditch the pill altogether to get results. Try simply talking to your doctor about what your wiggle room for options may be. Testing out a different type of prescription or lowering your dosage to one that fits your hormone levels. This typically works out in your favor, although some of the sex drive you recover may be from a placebo effect.

Yoga is another active way to rev up your sex drive. Not only will you be flexible enough to discover and attempt new, exciting positions, but getting in touch with your breathing and body will help you tune into your sexuality. On the more scientific side, yoga can help stimulate blood flow to the genitals, making for a more intense orgasm.

Oxytocin, a hormone that boosts feelings of bonding and arousal, releases itself when you touch another person, especially your partner. Holding hands is a sweet, kind way to casually brush up against your significant other. Spontaneity is key in this situation, so a cute ruffle of your lovers hair may just send that oxytocin surging.

Drinking in moderation could also possibly arouse you for when the time is right. Red wine’s antioxidants aid in sending libido into overdrive. Stick to red wine specifically due to those antioxidants; most women find that their desire and lubrication sticks around more with a glass of, say, Cabernet Sauvignon more than any other drink, or even those who abstained from alcohol. Be forewarned, though, that drinking in excess can damage your libido.

There are many different methods to boosting libido, but the trick is being aware of what works uniquely for you. Finding a technique that does the trick is essential. Make sure you’re comfortable with whatever you choose to try to increase your libido, but it can be quite enjoyable and thrilling to step out of your comfort zone as well. Play around with these tips, and who knows, your love life could be reignited!