Can Childhood Trauma Cause A Loss Of Libido?

It is one of the things you have been dreading almost all your life, but it is now here with you – lost sex drive. You have tried every advice from your close friends, and unfortunately, even the ones they swore would work aren’t bearing any fruits. You and search engines have become the best of friends these past dreadful days and nothing yet! You are about to give and resign to fate. Don’t do it just yet. There are so many things you have not explored. Your situation is not hopeless.

First and foremost, you must establish the cause of your libido. You must be prepared to dig deep into your past and bravely confront the bad things that happened. Your loss of libido could be as a result of trauma you suffered when you were little. It is ironical how the past always finds a way of crawling back into our present, and sadly, mess us up.

Let’s consider some of the traumatic childhood experiences that may contribute to your loss of libido

Sexual harassment or abuse

It is the worst of them all. A girl child who is sexually abused is introduced to sex on a very wrong foot. A rape case, for instance, is enough to shape a woman's opinion about sex negatively. Therefore, sex becomes something she has no longing for. The portrayed behavior or response is completely normal, especially because it brings her pain. Things are usually worse if she did not receive counseling immediately the incidence happened.

Imagine the situation of a girl or young woman who is repeatedly raped every other night by a person she perceived as her protector. It is like the world has come crumbling down. Such controversies are not new to our ears and eyes. We read about them or watch them on televisions every so often. Unfortunately, several years after a woman is sexually abused, she will still remember, and this might adversely affect her libido. An article published on The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, “Adult Manifestations Of Childhood Sexual Abuse,”reveals that survivors of childhood sexual abuse usually suffer physical, behavioral and psychological symptoms due to the abuse.

Vaginal trauma

Straddle injury is one of the most common types of vaginal trauma. It happens when the soft tissue of the genital area is compressed against the pelvis, by the force of a blunt surface. Typical incidences that result in this kind of injury include fall on monkey bars, the edge of the driving board, or a bicycle chair. In many cases, such accidents cause minor bruises or abrasions. Unfortunately, severe trauma is also possible, and medical attention should be sought immediately.

While even the severest cases of vaginal injury heal well, the pain felt the period before healing takes place is traumatizing. Some female children also have to deal with the aftermath of female genital mutilation. The psychological damage associated with these painful experiences may bring down their sex drive long after they have become adults.

If you underwent such incidences during your childhood years, and currently dealing with unexplained lost libido, you need to seek the intervention of a professional. Identify a reputable counselor, or psychiatrist. Give him or her opportunity to walk down the memory lane with you, and help you overcome the trauma.