Increase Female Libido After Menopause: 8 Ways That Work

No woman looks forward to reaching menopause – for obvious reasons. For starters, it comes with age, and no one wants to grow old as there are no real benefits apart from the much talked about wisdom. Reaching menopause for a woman means many things including wrinkled and dry skin, hormonal imbalances among many other health challenges. The destabilised hormones after menopause causes decreased libido in women. Fortunately, women have many options at their disposal to elevate their sexual desire and stamina. Here, we look at eight ways that work.

Make lovemaking a priority

During menopause, women and their partners should make sex a priority. Engage in sex on a regular basis. In the absence of sexual activity, the vagina may become not only smaller but also uncomfortably tighter.

Focus on intimacy

In as much as regular sex is encouraged, partners must ensure that their relationships are emotionally stable before making physical intimacy a priority.

Deal with stress factors

Menopause occurs when a woman is deep into her career, raising teenagers and many other things. All these responsibilities can overwhelm her and consequently cause her a lot of stress. If need be, it is imperative for a woman to seek professional help to keep stress at bay.

Eat a proper diet

Diet is a critical element of a woman’s sex life during and after menopause. Poor diet can cripple down her sex drive. As such, women need to establish the right foods to include in their diet to keep their sexual urge alive.


Regular exercises are said to increase a person’s energy levels, besides promoting hormonal balance. When you exercise, the body releases stress relievers leaving you feeling happy. All these benefits of regular exercises can go a long way in improving your sex drive after menopause.

Accept change

Everyone grows old, and the least you can do for yourself is to embrace change as it comes. The extra pounds, the gray hair and the wrinkled and dry skin may make you feel less attractive. Unfortunately, these are natural processes that we have no control over. In as much as you can dye your hair, use skin care products to delay sagging skin, you can only do too much. Embracing the changes taking place in your body, and doing what you can, may help to reduce depression and anxiety that brings you hormonal problems that turn to low libido.

Regular medical check-ups

During and after menopause, women suffer from various health problems ranging from an underactive thyroid, bladder problems, and chronic pain. Get regular checkups to ensure that everything is okay with your body. Taking care of your body pays off handsomely when it comes to your performance in the bedroom.

Herbal supplements

Ever heard of the traditional Chinese medicine? Since time immemorial certain active ingredients obtained from herbs have been used to resolve problems associated with reproductive and sex health of both men and women. Look for herbal products containing ingredients that boost female libido. Familiarise yourself with these ingredients, and then shop for the right products.

Menopause does not have to be a curse as far as your sex life is concerned. With the above tips, you can finally take control of your sex drive.