Increase Female Libido In 10 Easy And Natural Ways

If you have lost that originally wild sexual passion and desire, relax, you are not alone. Research studies show that approximately a third of the women population lose the desire to engage in sex regularly. Good news is; reduced libido can be reversed using easy and natural ways.

Here is a list of ten easy as well as natural ways to help you jumpstart your libido.

Eat the right fruits

Fruits such as watermelon and bananas are perfect examples of foods capable of enhancing a woman’s libido. They have vital minerals and vitamins that increase flow of blood to the vagina, which in turn promotes a healthy sex life.


For some reason, chocolate has always been perceived as a symbol for desire. It is no wonder men gift their girlfriends or female partners, and they seem to really love it. Chocolates are not only sweet but also have the power to enhance sexual pleasure. They are known to facilitate the production as well as the release of serotonin into the body that helps to lift a person’s mood.

Use herbs

The majority of herbs can be used to spice up foods. As such, there is no difficulty experienced when consuming them. Some of them can even be taken in the form of tea. Garlic, for instance can be included in almost all the dishes. Other useful herbs include passionflower, cloves, basil, and Ginkgo Biloba among many others.

Proper diet

The “Garbage in Garbage out” aspect also applies when it comes to what we feed our bodies – and more so in matters sexual urge. Apart from the fruits mentioned above, your meals should contain sex enhancing foods. Eat a well-balanced diet and in the right portions.

Regular exercise

Nothing beats the good feeling that a person experiences when he or she exercises regularly. For some reason, one becomes happier. It is one of the most effective ways of beating stress. It makes you physically fit and energised which significantly helps to keep your sexual passion and desire alive.

Your self-confidence plays a critical role

What you feel about your body has a substantial impact on your perception of sex. A couple of things can make you have a bad self-image. Unfortunately, these things may discourage you from wanting to engage in sex, and when you do, you can hardly enjoy it. Do something to increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Deal with stress

Stress is almost a permanent part of our lives, and it adversely impacts a woman’s sex drive. We can never be free from it completely at any given point. However, we can learn to handle stress factors in a mature way so that they do not affect other aspects of our lives negatively. Find time to meditate. Join support groups; take part in sports activities or even a yoga class. You have endless options as far as handling stress is concerned.

Get enough sleep

A hectic lifestyle denies individuals their right to obtain enough sleep. When you are extremely busy, it becomes difficult to create time for lovemaking. Where there is a will, there is always a way. Aim at striking a work-life balance. Any successful person in life will tell you that happiness knocked their door the day they decided to strike a work-life balance. Whenever possible, take naps and feed on a healthy diet that is high in protein and low in carbs.

How is your relationship?

Do everything possible to make sure that your relationship is emotionally healthy. Only then will you and your partner be able to enjoy incredible sex. Keep communication lines open as it helps to build trust.

Regular check-ups

In as much as you are using a natural approach to restoring your libido, seeing a doctor does not hurt. He or she is in a position to identify underlying problems and deal with them. Besides, he may also recommend other healthy ways of enhancing your libido.