Increase Sex Drive - Positive Effects Of Testosterone Therapy For Women

It is a well known fact that fluctuation of sexual drive depend mostly upon hormone levels. In order to increase libido of women doctors prefer hormone therapies. Testosterone therapy is mainly associated for the treatment of men's libido. The success rate of the treatment has made researchers to imply it to cure women's sexual problems. It has brought positive results in them and has eliminated their complaints permanently.

Why Do Women Need Testosterone Therapy?

It is a proven fact that estrogen hormone plays a main part in women's well being but, progesterone and testosterone hormones also contributes a lot in keeping them healthy and active. Women have undergone hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy to remove ovaries due to medical reasons often experience less interest in sex. Amount of testosterone level drops which makes them less energetic too.

Women suffering from progesterone insufficiency like irregular period, excessive bleeding, cramps have less testosterone level. It results in fatigue, weakness and low libido. Women while going through the menopause stage, find drop in hormone level. Along with estrogen, density of progesterone and testosterone gets affected.

The major problem they face are they can have major diseases like reproductive and breast cancer, auto immune disease, reduction in bone density, osteoporosis and disinterest in sex. To stay fit and active the need of testosterone therapy arises for women.

What can testosterone therapy do for fairer gender?

  • It can bring back the level of testosterone in them to normal.
  • Interest in sexual pleasures will get increased.
  • Will be able to lead a normal life.
  • Will feel healthy and strong to carry out all activities with full enthusiasm.
  • Helps in increasing bone and muscle strength.

How Does Testosterone Therapy Works?

Women who like to take the treatment should consult with an expert physician who specializes in this kind of treatments. They will check them up and find the exact cause for low level of testosterone.

The medications is available in synthetic or natural forms, they can be induced by injections, pellets, pills, lozenges, skin patches or cream. Fixed proportions of blood free testosterone induced through topically compound cream will surely improve the hormone level.

Pills or oral medications are less preferred as there are chances of liver toxicity and occurrence of lower levels of HDL. High dosage will surely lead to side effects which are quiet harmful for health. Therefore, medication prescribed by clinicians is recommended.

Where Does Testosterone Replacement Will Not Work?

It won't be of any help where the causes for low libido are due to some psychological problems. It is ineffective where there are multi differences and complexities between spouses. Therefore good consulting session with a psychologist and solving family problems will create a new chance to fall in love again.

This kind of treatment for women has come to practice in last decade. The cheerful attitude of the women who have undertaken this therapy shows the benefits. Consulting a specialist and take medications as per their prescription will do wonders to improve your libido.