How To Increase Your Libido While Undertaking Cancer Treatment?

Generally individual who takes cancer treatment have to endure lots of side effects problems. Loss of hair, fatigue, weakness, joint pains, headaches and many more complexities arises throughout the duration while you take treatment. Sexual life of the patient also gets affected to a great extent which doesn't get discussed.

The discomfort to have sex is a natural occurrence as the therapy sessions expose them to other elements which affect the sexual desire. Gynecological cancer, Prostrate cancer and Testicular cancer surely effects the sexual desire of both the genders.

Common culprits of low libido during the therapies:

  • Drugs: The prescribed medicines are quiet strong and may cause weakness and fatigue which are hindrance for having sex with the partner,
  • Therapies session: Chemotherapy, hormone therapy generates nausea, vomiting which make the person less inclined towards sex.
  • Radiation therapy: If done in pelvis of women leads to vaginal dryness, less formation of vaginal lubrication and sometimes the vaginal region gets narrowed which makes causes painful intercourse.
  • Low self esteem: Side effects like hair loss and weight loss or gain is sure to spoil your body image. You feel less attractive than before the illness which makes you withdraw from intimacy with your beloved.

Loosing of sexual interest does not remain a permanent effect of cancer. It can be easily remedied by taking some prescribed medicines are by changing your life style.

How to get cured to have sexual pleasures?

Have an appointment with an oncologist and discuss with them about your disinterest in sex. They will surely give you some useful tips. They will some medications to increase your libido. Pills or creams help in reducing this side effect.

Discussing with a sex therapist can solve the matter in a quick time. They are specialist in finding the correct culprit causing the symptom and will surely advise to find creative ways to enhance your sexual life.

Here are some natural ways to cure low libido while undergoing treatment:

  • Communication plays a major role in bringing back the self image you had before the ailment induced itself in your life. Remember all the happy moments in your life, enjoy candle light dinners, sweet talk with your lover and regain the intimacy you once had with your better - half.
  • Eat well balanced diet to generate strength to take part in all activities of life. Try to get involved in the work you like most and make yourself enjoy every moment.
  • Do shopping or spend your time outdoors with friends and dear ones which surely make you fresh to have sex at nights with your beloved. Take a holiday with your family which will surely give you peace of mind.
  • Exercise help in regulating supply of blood smoothly to reproductive organs which eliminates dryness in them. Formation of vaginal lubrication and freshness in body helps in activating your low libido.
  • Yoga and walking are good for health and to boost your libido. Daily walking in the morning hours and spending twenty minutes for yoga helps a lot.

Losing your sexual interest is mainly emotional than physical. Trying out simple ways to improve it will surely make you enjoy life to fullest.