Beneficial Tips To Cure Sexual Dysfunction In Women

Low interest in sexual pleasures has become a common issue among the women who have passed their forty birthdays. Their desire to have sex with beloveds has become to diminish. There may be various reasons behind it, but the outcome result is not favorable for their married life.

It is a well known fact that good sex contributes to successful marriage. Sexual desire varies from women to women as per the circumstances. The causes are numerous but to find its solution needs some patience and positive thinking.

How low libido effect women?

It arouses number of psychological problems like stress, depression, low esteem, guilt, anger and the feeling of inadequacy. Weak libido often brings in misunderstanding between partners. Fluctuation of libido happens with most of the women, but some ladies experiences sexual dysfunction all the time. It may due be to lower secretion of testosterone hormones responsible to stimulate sexual sensation.

Women don't enjoy orgasm any more. They have painful intercourse called dyspareunia (decrease in oestrogen level) which spoils there fun and make them decline sex forever. They feel less active, not able to concentrate, feeling of lifeless prevails and many other psychological problems are faced by them.

Why do women feel inadequate enjoyment while making love?

Many women while having intimate moments with their mate often feel dissatisfaction. It is caused due to premature ejaculation of partner, vaginal dryness, moodiness, lack of stimulation and sometimes not enough knowledge of sex. History of traumatic sexual experience acts as a catalyst to never have sex with any male even if she loves him. Another main cause is Vaginismus which tightens the muscles around vagina does not give any chance of smooth penetration.

Can the undesired condition be cured?

  • Foreplay plays a major part in increasing sensual love as women mostly give prominence to intimate touches, breathtaking kisses before having intercourse. It pleases both the partners to reach climax together.
  • Many women feel relief after having medications or applying lubricants in genital areas.
  • Hormone therapies help a lot to balance the level to have passionate nights.
  • Taking help of psychosexual therapy solves the problems of reaching the climax. The sexual tips, the exploring of your desires for sexual sensation heightens the possibility of having wonderful sexual arousals.
  • If the problem of painful intercourse persists, you can try oral sex which sure to satisfy your passion.
  • Sweet communication between both the partners and spending pleasant time in calm atmosphere does wonder to keep the passion alive all the night.
  • Complaints of boredom in sexual acts can be easily rectified by changing postures, having free talk of the ways you like to have sex with partner will make you fully live while opening your heart and legs to have good sexual play with him.
  • Change the atmosphere of the bedroom by lighting candles, playing soft music and wearing sexy gowns will surely make you more inclined to love your beloved as it was in the past.

Satisfaction while spending passionate hours with him needs only inspiration and fondness to lead a healthy sexual life.