Women Should Quit Smoking To Prevent Their Sex Drive From Diminishing

Libido is the energy which is created by basic sexual instincts to reproduce more of one's own kind. It is very essential to have a healthy libido for the emotional as well as physical health. Libido is an important factor for couples and its absence could create serious problems.

Smoking deteriorates sexual health:

Smoking usually starts for fun, but eventually one gets addicted to it because of the nicotine present in it, which is extremely harmful for the human body. Nicotine is an addictive alkaloid, which has a number of adverse effects when released in the body. It permanently damages the arteries by tightening the blood vessels in the body. It is immensely important for women to stop smoking because their body takes longer to get rid of nicotine as compared to men.

Lack of libido amongst females is one of the causes of smoking. Women are blessed with the ability to give birth and it is vital for them to keep their libido pumping. They face horrible results of nicotine on their physical as well as mental health. Smoking is responsible for the deterioration of the heart's health. It disrupts all the mechanisms, which are related to getting sexually aroused and also the ability to perform during sex.

Effects of nicotine:

A healthy heart is required to pump blood to the sex organs for sexual arousal. Nicotine adversely affects the heart by weakening the muscles leading to a constricted blood flow. There are various hormones in the female body, which lubricate the vagina thus enhancing libido. These hormones are released due to unrestricted blood flow to the female sex organs.

Nicotine leads to an irritable mood amongst females, which does not allow lubrication. This is extremely necessary for pain-free sex. It is extremely essential for women to feel emotionally intimate with her partner to be able to feel sexually aroused.

Nicotine causes anxiety in females, which does not let her feel close to her partner. Along with this, females, when they smoke prior to having sex, show signs of nervousness and lack of confidence. This also results in decreased libido.

Physically, smoking hinders a pleasurable sexual intercourse because it causes the female sexual organs to swell. This also hardens the blood vessels inside the vagina decreasing the sensation. Smoking also reduces the chances of a woman to conceive. The more the cigarettes smoked, the more time it takes to bear a baby. It can also affect fertility. Smoking results in early menopause.

Why should one quit smoking?

Quitting smoking will help you to get rid of stained teeth, skin which is debilitated, wrinkles which appear before time and also stinky breath. This will contribute to a healthy and improved sex life. It will also decrease the chances of cancer and heart diseases, which are caused due to smoking, thus eliminating all the factors that could adversely affect the sexual life. Cessation of smoking definitely leads to solving arousal problems amongst women. This is very essential if one wants to lead a satisfying sexual life.