Stevia Consumption And Libido - Could It Be The Reason For Your Low Sex Drive

Stevia, which is derived from the sweetleaf plant originally grown in South America, is becoming a recognized sweetener nowadays. Being way sweeter than sugar, it is used as its substitute amongst old and young alike. Diabetics benefit immensely from this perennial shrub, which is now grown on a large scale because of its increasing demand.

Sugar has a direct effect on blood sugar levels whereas stevia is non-caloric. Being a safe alternative for sugar, it is the best way to satisfy one's sweet tooth without compromising with the health. It also helps keep up fitness regimes since it is a zero calorie sweetener

Effects of Stevia on the Reproductive Health:

In male rats, stevia led to an evident decrease in the sperm count. This was shown in a study conducted on rats and hamsters in 1991 in Bangkok at Chulalongkorn University Primate Research Centre. Not only that, it was also responsible for harming the seminal vesicles. The results of stevia when consumed by female rats also showed adverse effects on their reproductive health. There was a decline in the number of offspring as well as their size.

Is Stevia responsible for lack of libido?

Despite being an excellent natural sugar substitute, people blame stevia for affecting their sexual drive, which could pose a great problem for couples. On one hand, it is becoming a favourite amongst people when it comes to replacing sugar with something healthy. On the other, stevia consumers claim to have lost their desire for sex.

People claim to have lost their interest in sex because of stevia, but no study has been able to prove this. Besides lithium, stevia does not react with any other chemical substance, which might lead to low libido in humans. Except for being an effective sweetener, no research has proved that it harms one's sexual appetite. It is considered to be safe in Korea and Japan, but FDA recommends caution during its consumption.

Lost libido in women:

Females could face lack of libido due to a number of reasons like anxiety, stress, difficult living conditions etc. However, for most of them, this is only temporary. Some get over this on their own while others require medical help.

Ways to enhance female libido:

  • Work out - Exercise is extremely important for a good sexual appetite. Besides improving the blood flow to the sexual organs, it also elevates the mood and helps the brain to release endorphins.
  • Release stress - High stress leads to an increase in cortisol, which is the stress hormone that decreases the testosterone. This in turn leads to a very low sexual desire. Meditation and yoga are good ways to reduce stress. Chilling to music also helps relax.
  • Add novelty - Another way to boost libido could be involving oneself in adventurous activities. Hiking without a map could be a good idea.
  • Herbal sex aid - Natural supplements like choline, ginkgo biloba and vitamin B5 could also aid the brain in sending sexual impulses to the sex organs.
  • Suction vibrator – This has helped in increasing sexual arousal in a number of women, who lacked libido by the stimulation of clitoris.